A Deeper Look in the HP LTO 6 Secure WORM Cartridge

HP-LTO-6-1Along with high standard technologies from other as well as earlier generations assemble these into a single small form factor media and existed magnetic tape formats cartridge. The Ultrium technology with no requirement for layout discussions to lodge high class back-up as good heritage compatibility and storage conditions. The LTO Ultrium data cartridges are totally made for the challenging settings for size libraries that are bulky. The Ultrium technology is extremely dependable while offering durability, faster speed, high capacities and high class operation adapt all challenges that are faced by the whole storage industry. All of the HP products are totally analyzed to satisfy with fast growing challenges of corporate as well as digital information.

LTO, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4 and the previous generations of HP LTO, based on these sorts of developments and slowly improved with more rapid, better capabilities, high quality and safe transport speed, durability and additional protection to sensitive and valuable information. The 6th generation using WORM (Write Once Read Many) technology that is well seasoned and dependable for very conformity regulatory data that will be necessary to maintain forever, so legislative, medical, science, schooling and constitutional sections rely with this WORM technology to allow it to be certain that their information is well preserved.

The HP LTO 6, WORM magazine prevent compliant and really precious information from unauthorized access, overwriting, prohibited and adjustment removing. The WORM is used in different media formats and an extremely seasoned technology for last 30 years, and established as the best and effectual technology for high standard and quality preservation. This technology was embraced by the Linear Tape Open Ultrium technology and since that time it’s used frequently by coming generations.

The memory chip also empowers the drive to gain access to the information that is required with very high speed and shields the information losses and enhanced its reliability during very high speed data trade procedures. The HP C7976B Cassette, is coupled as increased essential characteristics with high technologies and empower this media format that was trusted to function with libraries and all existed Ultrium LTO 6 tape drives.

The AES 256-bit data encryption technology also enhances the protection and preservation of sensitive and dependable advice in new HP Ultrium cassettes, and improved the general functionality and endurance more than 30 years in accordance with the Linear Tape Open specifications.